Vin Diesel reveals ‘Fast X’ script originally omitted a major character

fast furious 9

It’s imperative that every major franchise in Hollywood listens to the fans and take their criticisms, wishes, hopes, and dreams on board, otherwise the target audience could potentially end up losing interest in the property. It’s a wise mantra, one that few brands have adopted as well as Fast & Furious.

As the leading man, producer, and all-round figurehead of the series, Vin Diesel has always kept his ear to the ground and tried to give the people exactly what they want, whether it’s a continuous escalation of the insane action sequences, the return of key favorites like Sung Kang’s Han, or sending the family into outer space at long last.

With Fast X having officially been given a title and a logo, the longtime Dominic Toretto was in a sharing mood yesterday, and followed up his initial post with another statement revealing that Jordana Brewster’s Mia wasn’t included in the original draft of the script, something he immediately sought to rectify.

There were questions asked of Brewster’s continued involvement in The Fast Saga following the death of onscreen husband Paul Walker, but she’s remained an integral part of the gang ever since, and even got a couple of hero moments in F9 for good measure.

Fast X marks the penultimate outing for the former band of street racers and petty criminals, so there was realistically little chance that Diesel, director Justin Lin, and the rest of the team were going to leave any of the most recognizable faces on the sidelines with the finish line in sight.