Vin Diesel Not Ruling Out Fast & Furious Prequel For Dom

Fast & Furious 9

Once the tenth and eleventh Fast & Furious  movies have been released, the franchise is going to have to look either forwards or backwards. The story of Dominic Toretto and his crew may be drawing to a close, but that’s hardly going to stop Universal from wanting to continue churning out new installments, which will no doubt follow the Hobbs & Shaw precedent and come armed with the Fast & Furious Presents prefix.

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are expected to return for a sequel to their spinoff once scheduling conflicts can be worked out, and the female-driven outing that’s been in development for a good few years now is also rumored to be gaining some traction behind the scenes. Of course, there are any number of directions to continue mining the IP for fresh content, and in a new interview, Vin Diesel coyly addressed the possibility of a Dom prequel.

“I will say that there is nothing that is off the table.”

Fast & Furious 9 delves into the tank-top enthusiast’s early days in an effort to explain why his mysterious brother has suddenly returned with a thirst for vengeance that he’s desperate to quench, despite never having been mentioned once in the last 20 years. Twenty-eight-year-old actor Vinnie Bennett and Diesel’s own 11-year-old son Vincent Sinclair fill the role of young Dom during the flashback scenes, but it’s hard to gauge whether or not audiences would be interested in seeing an entire movie based on the character’s life without the presence of the man who’s played him for two decades.

Then again, fans would probably show up for anything slapped with the Fast & Furious branding, but you can’t help but think there are definitely much better ideas out there than diving even deeper into Dom’s early days.