Vin Diesel Talks Fast & Furious 8


On the back of its worldwide premiere at SXSW, Furious 7 is scheduled to shriek into multiplexes this weekend. While tinted by the tragedy of franchise star Paul Walker, it’s reportedly the most outlandish, fantastical and bonkers sequel in the entire series thus far. And if the loss of Walker might have led you to believe the never-ending octane-fueled franchise was to end… then think again, because Vin Diesel is hell bent on driving another flick straight into production.

To be honest, it’s likely that Fast & Furious 8 has already been earmarked for the greenlight. Since Fast Five rejuvenated the lagging car-centric series, each successive instalment has bettered the box office return, sending the Fast & Furious brand into a stratosphere of its own. Nevertheless, during the press rounds for Furious 7, Diesel confirmed the next outing in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

You can check out the full chat above, and head to 2:35 for the specific Furious 8 bit. Otherwise, the main chunk of his teaser is below:

You know I always think of these films multiple pictures in advance. I think of them as trilogies. Kurt Russell came in for this movie, but he was really, we really hired him because of a story that follows this. That takes place in New York.

After all the jet-setting and global mayhem that Dom and his crew has witnessed, it’s difficult to believe that seven movies down and they’ve not yet decimated the Big Apple (London, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Panama have all provided the blacktop for their petrolhead capers). If Diesel’s right and the gang has its sights set on New York City, then it’s only a matter of time before we hear the inevitable news of Fast & Furious 8 getting the go-ahead from Universal.

You can get your first look at Russell’s character this weekend as Furious 7 speeds into theaters on April 3.