Vin Diesel Teases An MCU Visit To Groot’s Home Planet

Baby Groot

The general tone of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy in the buildup to release was neatly surmised by the casting, which had Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, comfortably the two biggest names in the ensemble, relegated to the recording booth. Not only that, but Diesel found his voice heavily modulated and his dialogue restricted to a single phrase, which admittedly did nothing to prevent Groot from becoming a firm fan favorite.

The sentient tree has since died and been reborn, but he’s set to factor more heavily than ever into the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming slate on both the big screen and Disney Plus. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will start shooting before the end of the year, during which the Holiday Special will also be filmed, and animated spinoff series I Am Groot is also in the works for streaming.

Not only that, but in a new interview to promote Fast & Furious 9, Diesel teased that a future Guardians-related project will be venturing to Groot’s homeworld of Planet X, although the actor didn’t outline whether it’s happening in Vol. 3, the Holiday Special or I Am Groot.

“If you’re talking to Kevin Feige, you can ask him about the Groot story that he’s excited about; the return to Planet X.”

If the MCU does make a pit stop on Planet X, then it shouldn’t take much effort for whoever ends up writing the scene to cobble the dialogue together given that Groot’s species are hardly known for their verbosity. Then again, maybe there are some articulate ones out there capable of holding a conversation, and let’s not forget that Chris Hemsworth’s Thor revealed that he took an elective in the language during his younger days, so it’s technically canon that characters outside of Rocket would be able to converse with an entire planet full of nothing but Groots.