Vin Diesel Walks Paul Walker’s Daughter Down The Aisle

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People can crack all the jokes and make all the memes they want, which they have done and will continue to do because it never seems to get old, but the Fast & Furious crew really are like a family.

Several of them have been close friends and regular collaborators for 20 years now, and figurehead Vin Diesel has always honored the memory of Paul Walker. The longtime Dominic Toretto made a promise to his co-star that the franchise would make it to ten movies, and Brian O’Conner lives on in the mythology despite Walker’s passing in 2013.

Diesel even named his daughter Paulina, and in a further show of familial unity, Walker’s daughter Meadow recently got married and was walked down the aisle by the man she calls her Uncle Vin, as you can see below.

Diesel and Ludacris have both addressed the possibility of the 22 year-old Meadow playing a part in the concluding tenth and eleventh installments, but plenty of Fast & Furious fans have been wiping away tears after discovering that cinema’s foremost tank top enthusiast remains an active and integral part of her life, almost a decade after she lost her father in the most tragic of circumstances.