Vincent Cassel May Join Danny Boyle’s Trance

The next film from Danny Boyle is looking like it may be his best yet. It’s called Trance and already set to star is James McAvoy. We also heard that Boyle has his eye on Scarlett Johansson, although that isn’t confirmed yet. Now we get news from Twitch that tells us the British director has put out an offer to Vincent Cassel.

This is the same role that Colin Firth was wanted for. Twitch tells us that Firth wasn’t able to take the role and so Boyle moved on and put out the offer to Cassel. If he takes it, the French actor would star alongside McAvoy.

So we’ve now gone from a McAvoy/Fassbender pairing, to a McAvoy/Firth pairing and now, it looks like it may end up as a McAvoy/Cassel pairing.

Neither of the three pairings are anything to look down upon and while I still would have loved to see McAvoy and Fassbender together again, Cassel isn’t a bad choice.

He’s a charismatic and energetic actor who gave an absolutely mesmerizing and electric performance in one of my favorite films from last year, Mesrine. He also appeared in Darren Aronofsky‘s award winning Black Swan and is going to have a supporting role in David Cornenberg‘s upcoming film, A Dangerous Method.

Cassel has been around for a while and he’s a proven talent. I’m a big fan of his work and I’m really hoping he signs on here. His schedule doesn’t seem too busy and I see no reason why he wouldn’t join Trance.

What do you think? Would you like to see Cassel star opposite McAvoy?

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