Viral Catwoman Poster Unleashed For The Dark Knight Rises

Now that the strength of The Avengers is finally starting to wane, Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan are following in tradition of The Dark Knight with a steady stream of tie-in posters, hidden tidbits and secret viral material for their upcoming trilogy conclusion: The Dark Knight Rises.

A member of the aptly named site Batman-News had just discovered one such Easter Egg, with a fantastic new Catwoman poster.

Said savvy reader discovered a QR (Quick Response) code at the bottom of a recent poster which leads us to the site: and subsequently to this smoking new poster.

The “steel rain” aesthetic in this poster continues the theme carried along with most of the promo material, while adding in a serrated stiletto heel, a shattered batman symbol and a seductive splash of red courtesy of some feline lip prints and a few suggestive “x’s” – no hugs?

This will be far from the last surprise tease we get from Nolan and co. and as things propel towards July 20 I’m certain buzz will reach nothing short of a (cat scratch) fever pitch.

Check it out below. 

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