Watch: Viral Video Shows Squid Game Characters Reimagined As Hollywood Actors


Fans of Netflix’s Squid Game are going absolutely gaga over a new viral video that reimagines some of its main characters as Hollywood actors.

The South Korean survival thriller follows cash-strapped people on their journey to being recruited by a shadowy organization for the chance to win a life-changing sum of money. The competition is life-or-death, however, which came as a shock to some upon the reveal of the contest’s first game ripped straight from the schoolyard.

Impressively, the show is on track to be Netflix’s biggest series ever, with fans in both the U.S. and abroad topping the charts on the streaming platform in 90 countries.

It’s only natural that some may wonder whether Hollywood might make a stab at adapting the series, though for our money we think it may be best to leave well enough alone in this case. The show has proven to be a compelling allegory commenting on income inequality in our late-capitalist global economy, and those themes have been so vividly brought to life, it would be hard to imagine any kind of adaptation could really top it.

However, it is fun to think about what Tinseltown stars might make a good fit for some of the characters. Included in the roster, apparently through some kind of deep fake technique on the YouTube channel Chambungg, are Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Zendaya, Josh Hartnett and Danny Trejo. And we must admit, given the characters they are portraying, these would not be bad choices at all. You can check out the video yourself below:

Squid Game is available on Netflix right now and you should probably watch it so that, at the very least, you won’t be utterly confused by the absolute surge of masked soldiers in red jumpsuits that will be sure to roam the streets come Halloween this year.