Squid Game’s Red Jumpsuits Are Rapidly Becoming A Top Pick For Halloween

squid game

Squid Game is the Netflix show taking the world by storm with its whip-smart commentary on class inequality, thrilling plot with plenty of twists and turns, well-rounded characters, and instantly iconic sets and costume designs. It’s a wonder then that the red jumpsuits donned by the soldiers in the show are seeing a spike of interest from at least one online shop (and we’re guessing many more) in the weeks leading up to Halloween, according to Screen Rant.

The show focuses on people on the brink of financial ruin being recruited by a shadowy organization—whose soldiers don the popular red jumpsuits and signature black masks with a simple shape painted on them—to participate in a deadly contest of winner-take-all. While a series of children’s games garners the sole victor the chance to win a life-changing sum, those who lose in the game also lose their lives.

Immediately from the outset, from its mid-September release to its horror themes and instantly recognizable costume and character designs, it was obvious that the show was bound to be all the rage when Halloween rolled around. Much in much the same manner as Heath Ledger’s Joker took the world by storm following 2008’s The Dark Knight.

According to the shop boohooMAN, searches for “red jumpsuit” have spiked 170% since Squid Game‘s release. The shop previously saw a similar phenomenon for that same keyword combination following the premiere of Money Heist in 2017. Money Heist is another show featuring red jumpsuits, which is a term the shop saw spike by 203% following the release of that show.

If you’re just looking to sport some merch to let the world know what your favorite show is, you can also check out the Squid Game official Netflix store, though it only has graphic Ts and sweatshirts and no jumpsuits.