Vulture And Scorpion Will Return In Spider-Man 3


Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to introduce Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio into the MCU. He’ll follow Michael Keaton’s Vuture in Spider-Man: Homecominng as Spidey’s latest nemesis and when you take into account the fact that the first film also featured the likes of Shocker, Tinkerer and Scorpion, Tom Holland’s wallcrawler has now already encountered many of the classic figures in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery in just two movies. It kind of makes you wonder, is Marvel building towards something here?

The answer is most likely yes, as We Got This Covered can report that both Vulture and Scorpion, as played by Michael Keaton and Mando, respectively, will return in Spider-Man 3Not much is known about the third solo venture for the web-slinger in the MCU, other than that it will round out Peter Parker’s high school years, but our source is telling us that these two villains will definitely reappear.

Plus, we’re also hearing what many fans had been guessing: that Marvel has plans to form the Sinister Six. There’s been a lot of speculation that the supervillain team would come together in Spider-Man 3, but according to our source, the third movie will just continue to build up to the evil union and the six won’t team up officially until a later film.

As we’ve reported elsewhere, the studio is looking to make a nine-movie arc with Holland, with a second trilogy following Peter in college and a third one exploring his days as a graduated adult. If Marvel really have got such grand plans for the character, then it makes sense that they’re willing to play the long game when it comes to the Sinister Six. Even if some of the supervillains will return in Spider-Man 3. 

Here in the present, though, Spider-Man: Far From Home is just a week or so away, as it arrives in cinemas on July 2nd.