Wade Wilson Trolls The DCEU In New Deadpool 2 Clip


When it comes to the Merc With a Mouth (AKA Marvel’s meta king), there’s no inside joke too small and no superhero movie too big to escape Wade Wilson’s grasp.

Case in point: this brand new clip for Deadpool 2, which has DP taking a jab at Warner Bros.’ fledging cinematic universe as he says to Cable, “you’re so dark, are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe?” It’s a short and sweet bit of footage, and one that gives us just a taste of all the fourth wall breaking Wade Wilson’s about to do.

And it’s arrived just in time, as well, given that the Merc is set to stage his second coming this Friday, May 18th – for those of us in North America, at least – and it seems Deadpool’s jokes about Marvel and DC won’t be limited to the trailers, either, as we’ve already caught wind of several hilarious moments in the film that come at the expense of both Batman and the Avengers.

Yes, that’s right, from Infinity Stones to the shoddy CGI work of Justice League and, in particular, Steppenwolf, get ready to see ‘Pool throw down the Infinity gauntlet, as he lampoons every superhero movie convention and hackneyed cliche under the sun. There may be a strange case of the pot calling the kettle black going on here, though, as some critics have called out Deadpool 2 for its wonky pacing and overstuffed plot.

Still, even despite that, we expect the Merc’s sophomore outing to have a record-breaking weekend in North America, where the sequel’s on pace to become the biggest R-rated opening of all time with approximately $150 million – a figure that’s notably higher than the $134 million debut of the first film.

Deadpool 2 sees a release this Friday, May 18th, and it’ll likely act as a springboard for Drew Goddard’s planned X-Force crossover – even if it comes at the expense of a third Deadpool solo movie.