The Walking Dead EP Isn’t Ruling Out Michonne In Rick Grimes Movies

rick and michonne walking dead

Danai Gurira is calling it a day on The Walking Dead this season, but an actor’s exit from the show doesn’t necessarily spell the end for the character like it used to. Andrew Lincoln broke the mold in this way when he left halfway through season 9 in order to go star in his own spinoff movie(s) as Rick Grimes. Given Rick and Michonne’s relationship, fans have been wondering whether Gurira could also turn up in these films and it sounds like the option’s not been ruled out.

TWD executive producer Denise Huth spoke to Metro and was asked about the possibility and promised that Michonne will continue to be a “hugely significant” part of the franchise as she’s part of the plans for the future.

“I can’t say a whole lot but Michonne is such an important character, along with Rick obviously. As a fan myself there’s always that I want to see both of them again however we get to do that. She’s a hugely significant part of this upcoming season, and the overall universe and the stories planned all exist in the head of [chief content officer] Scott Gimple. He has his plans of what will happen and we don’t always even know how it’s going to go.”

Huth went on to add that, taking off her EP hat and just speaking as a fan, she would personally like to see Michonne again in some other TWD media.

“But for me personally as a fan, if there’s a chance of seeing Michonne again either here in the movie, or whatever else they come up with, I would be very excited to see that happen.”

We got our first teaser for Lincoln’s movie at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, which took the form of an animated promo featuring Anne’s helicopter flying towards a city skyline. Going by the skyline, we can presumably deduce that the film will be set in Philadelphia. So, could Gurira’s heroine find herself taken to the same city sometime in season 10, allowing her to reunite with her lost lover?

We’ll just have to keep watching The Walking Dead season 10 on Sundays on AMC to find out.