The Walking Dead Movie Trailer May Reveal Where Rick Ended Up


The first teaser trailer arrived for Andrew Lincoln’s upcoming The Walking Dead movies yesterday, promising that Rick Grimes would be returning soon for his first big screen spinoff. Emphasis on the teaser part of the phrase “teaser trailer” though, as the promo was only 25 seconds long and was made up of a brief animation depicting a helicopter flying towards a silhouetted cityscape.

As brief as this promo may have been though, it may actually have revealed the main setting of the Rick Grimes movies. Kudos to, who’ve compared the skyline seen in the trailer to the real-life skyline of Philadelphia and discovered that they’re a perfect match. So, it seems that Anne takes Rick away to Pennsylvania after she packed him into that helicopter back in season 9’s fifth episode, which was Lincoln’s final appearance on the parent show.

That’s quite a trip, too, as it’s 150 miles from their former home in Alexandria, Virginia. Which explains why Rick never made it back to his family if he managed to survive his injuries. After all, we know for certain that there’s no reunion coming up as TWD is now set several years ahead of the movies and everyone believes Rick to be dead.

It’s unclear what trouble he’s going to find in Philly, but it seems the city is the base of operations for the enigmatic CRM organization, who are behind the human trafficking system that Anne’s apparently a part of. The CRM insignia can be seen twice in this teaser: on the side of the helicopter and overlaid on top of The Walking Dead logo.

The Walking Dead movie trilogy is set to drop exclusively in theaters. Whether that means a limited run or a major release, though, we’re not sure at present. But at least we have a better idea now of what’s next for Rick Grimes when he eventually makes his cinematic debut.