The Walking Dead Movie Starring Rick Grimes Is Still On The Way

The Walking Dead

The recent announcement that The Walking Dead‘s upcoming eleventh season will be its last was quickly followed by a reminder that the series is still planned to continue on the big screen. Yes, AMC confirmed that they’re still developing the long-awaited movie starring Andrew Lincoln back in his role as Rick Grimes in collaboration with Universal and Skybound.

It’s the first bit of good news fans have had in a while, as the film seems to be experiencing a harsh development process given that no official photos or trailer footage have been released in the two years since its announcement. Rumors have meanwhile spread about issues happening behind the scenes. The script, in particular, has reportedly been rewritten numerous times due to AMC and Lincoln himself being unsatisfied with previous drafts.

Unfortunately, the company neglected to confirm a release date for the film, which is probably the right move considering the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and how it can affect production. The Walking Dead’s tenth season finale was delayed from April 12th to October 4th, for example.

Now, the finale comes one week after the season 6 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead and will be followed by a new spinoff show – The Walking Dead: World Beyond – which was also delayed from April 12th in response to the pandemic. Meanwhile, ten more episodes of season 10 will be produced starting in October and are set to air in early 2021, around the start of season 11’s production.

With so many irons in the fire, it seems like we’ll probably be waiting a few more years for The Walking Dead movie. But at the very least, we can rest easy in the knowledge that it is indeed happening.