AMC Reportedly Not Happy With The Walking Dead Movie Scripts

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes

Almost two years have passed since we first learned about the planned trilogy of Walking Dead movies and their promise to lead longtime protagonist Rick Grimes to major revelations about the zombie-infested world. But information on their development has been scarce, to the point where we’re now over a year removed from the first pic’s only teaser so far with no significant updates to speak of.

Filmmaking is a complicated process though, and the potential reasons behind this content drought are numerous. Adapting a story from small to big screen is always a rigorous balancing act of playing to fan expectations while maintaining accessibility for newcomers, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has certainly done no favors for the crew and let’s not forget that The Walking Dead TV series is still being made on top of that.

But we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Netflix is developingWitcher spinoff show and that a Justice League Dark series is coming to HBO Max – that the primary reason behind this situation is that the scripts have reportedly failed to curry favor with the Powers That Be. In other words, neither AMC nor Andrew Lincoln are happy with what’s been written for the films.

The story, which apparently involves Rick being trapped in a camp of mad scientists searching for a cure for the virus, has undergone several rewrites already and as we said above, the executives at AMC have apparently been satisfied with none of them. This displeasure apparently extends to Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln as well. And honestly, after hearing this, it’s hard not to wonder if there may be a disagreement with the direction of his character, similar to the one Mark Hamill famously experienced in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Of course, AMC has yet to comment on what exactly’s going on behind the scenes right now, but this would certainly go a long way in explaining the radio silence on the upcoming trilogy if shown to be correct. In any case, The Walking Dead movies currently have no confirmed titles or release dates and unfortunately, it sounds like it could be a while before we see them.

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