Warner Bros. Wants To Adapt Blackest Night In The DCEU

Green Lantern Corps

Fans have been waiting to see the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU for years now, ever since the 2011 movie starring Ryan Reynolds flopped and a more impressive reboot was promised to be on the way. A brief cameo in Justice League teased that the wielders of the power rings are arriving soon, though, and now our sources are pointing to a major event coming to the big screen that might just make the wait worthwhile.

We Got This Covered has been told that Warner Bros. wants to adapt Blackest Night in the DCEU. Running from 2009-10, the Geoff Johns-headed storyline was a massive crossover event that saw the DC universe come under threat from a horde of zombie heroes, corrupted by Black Hand and his Black Lantern Corps.

We haven’t heard exactly how WB is planning on making use of the arc, so that’s up to us to speculate for the moment. There are various ways Blackest Night could be adapted for the DCEU, though.

If the studio wanted, they could make a thrilling, grimdark crossover movie with horror overtones out of it. However, the general direction of the franchise moving away from gloomier material like Batman v Superman to lighter fare like Shazam! tells us that’s probably not where they’re going to go with this.

The more likely option, then, would be for them to strip out the crossover elements of the storyline and use it as the basis of their Green Lantern Corps movie, which has been in development hell for many years. Our sources have recently informed us, though, that the project is currently being redefined, with John Stewart expected to serve as the protagonist of the film.

That’s certainly an interesting angle to take, but until we learn more, tell us, would you like to see a Blackest Night movie in the DCEU? Join the conversation in the comments below.