Warner Bros. Circling American Sniper’s Bradley Cooper To Produce And Possibly Star In Orphan X



Given American Sniper‘s record-breaking success, it should surprise no-one that Warner Bros. is eager to collaborate with star Bradley Cooper once again, and according The Hollywood Reporter, that reunion may come sooner rather than later.

Today brings news that the company has entered negotiations to acquire the movie rights for Gregg Hurwitz’s still-to-be-released novel, Orphan X, with the intention being that Cooper would produce and possibly star in the final product. Described as a gritty thriller, the project centers on a “Nowhere Man” known as Evan Smoak (Cooper, presumably, should he choose to commit), who offers a helping hand to others in his particular, overly-violent manner. Such a career path soon sends him veering into the world of human slavery, and he must partner with a detective from the Los Angeles Police Department if he is to crack the case.

Hurwitz is no stranger to the world of film or Warner Bros., as the novelist has previously provided scripts to the studio back in 2010, all the while penning scripts for Don’t Look Back, Tell No Lies and The Survivor. On the other hand, Cooper would be joined by his producing affiliate Todd Phillips if the deal happens to go ahead.

Released during a window that many consider to be Hollywood’s go-to dumping ground, American Sniper flew in the face of tradition faster than a speeding bullet. With $361 million at the worldwide box office and six Oscar nominations to its name, the Clint Eastwood-directed thriller proved to be a bona fide hit, and if Warner Bros. can replicate even a fraction of the financial and critical success of the hard-hitting wartime story for Orphan X, then Cooper’s latest project could be one to keep an eye on.

At the time of writing, Gregg Hurwitz is still working away on Orphan X ahead of a planned release in February of 2016. We’ll have much more about the IP in the coming months as Warner Bros.’ involvement develops — or indeed recedes.

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