Warner Bros. Are Making A Mortal Kombat Movie

There are those sceptics out there that’ll say, no, you can’t make a good movie out of a fighting game. And sure, they’ve got the examples to back it up – Street Fighter and Dead Or Alive were two of the shittiest movies ever made: all who gazed upon them were gifted with 90 minutes of burning eyes. But Warner Bros. don’t care about that. They’re gonna make a movie out of the Mortal Kombat video game, and nobody or nothin’ can stop ’em.

There was talk of such things a while back, but Warner Bros. are confirming that Mortal Kombat is still going to get its day. And then a spot in the bargain bucket of your local DVD emporium, presumably.

Here’s what WB man Lance Sloan (who is not a surfer, surprisingly) had to say:

“The other thing that’s important to probably highlight is that we’re preparing right now for the featured film with the same kid. Kevin Tancharoen directed the digital series for us. Before that he did a renegade video that he put up on YouTube. And we sent the piracy people after him, to take it down and put him in jail. And cut to a couple months later he was directing the digital series for us. And now he is at the helm of a forty, fifty million dollar feature.”

Not exactly enough to break the bank, is it? Are the producers a little nervous about Mortal Kombat‘s marketability?

This news comes a week after it was revealed that Pulp Fiction‘s Roger Avary would be writing and directing a Castle Wolfenstein adaptation.

What do you think about all these video game adaptations? Should Hollywood concentrate their efforts on original projects instead? What are “original projects”, you say? Oooh – burn.

Source: The Film Stage

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