Roger Avary Will Write & Direct Castle Wolfenstein Adaptation

All the way out there in the far reaches of Shrugsville sits the option for a Castle Wolfenstein adaptation. Don’t get us wrong: it’s a great set of games, but are we really in need of another video game turned movie hackjob? The results so far haven’t been exactly… promising.

Well, maybe Roger Avary – who engineered those delicious little plots alongside Quentin Tarantino for Pulp Fiction – can change all that. He’s signed on to write and direct an adaptation of the popular video game series.

For those who are unaware as to the plot of the games, it’s all Nazis and paranormal activity. You know, like at the beginning of Hellboy. Hitler, as usual, is pinned as being obsessed with the occult and there are lots of monsters and freaks to fight. It’s set in a castle, too, but you probably guessed that.

Avary’s movie version will centre on two soldiers – one British, one American – who infiltrate the castle to stop Hitler from unveiling a new super-weapon. But Himmler, who is in possession of an “SS Paranormal Division” (obviously), unleashes hell upon our heroes.

This news comes at a time when Nazis are really in. And by “in”, we mean they’re being killed horribly on the big screen over and over again. C’mon, it’s not like they didn’t ask for it or anything.

What do you think, then? Could this turn out surprisingly well? Has Roger Avary got what it takes?

Source: IndieWire

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