Warner Bros. potentially rebooting ‘I Am Legend’


Warner Bros. has been finding itself caught up in all sorts of legal red tape since the beginning of the pandemic.

Whether it’s refusing to let Legendary Pictures sell Godzilla vs. Kong off to Netflix, announcing that every 2021 release would debut day-and-date on HBO Max without informing the majority of contracted talent, or the latest battle against Village Roadshow over a number of titles including The Matrix Resurrections, the studio is taking fire from all sides.

It was thanks to the initial filing we discovered an Edge of Tomorrow TV series is being bandied around behind the scenes, and now some interesting new wrinkles have been made public. As per The Hollywood Reporter, properties that WB are “actively developing” includes Ready Player One, Sherlock Holmes, and I Am Legend.

I Am Legend 2

The first two aren’t surprising, when Ready Player Two was published in November 2020, and Sherlock Holmes 3 has been in the works for what feels like forever, but the latter comes out of the blue. Francis Lawrence and Will Smith teamed up to lead the 2007 blockbuster to decent reviews and $585 million at the box office, but any plans for further installments didn’t make it too far.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how Warner Bros. are planning to approach the property, so we’ve got no clue whether I Am Legend being treated as a prequel, sequel, reboot, offshoot, or even a TV series for streaming.