Warner Bros. lawsuit reveals ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ TV series in the works

Edge of Tomorrow

The fallout from WarnerMedia’s contentious decision to send its entire slate of 2021 movies to HBO Max the same day they hit theaters continues, with Village Roadshow Pictures launching legal action against the studio for the loss of earnings incurred by several major releases being made available day-and-date, in particular The Matrix Resurrections.

Further details have now emerged, with journalist Eriq Gardner getting hold of several excerpts from the filing, and there’s some surprising updates to be found.

As well as blasting Warner Bros. for trying to swindle them out of even more money by claiming Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka is an original story and not a prequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it’s revealed that an Edge of Tomorrow TV series is in development.

edge of tomorrow

A sequel to Doug Liman’s acclaimed sci-fi actioner has been in the works for years, but even star Emily Blunt doesn’t think she’ll ever be reuniting with Tom Cruise for another slice of futuristic time loop shenanigans.

Under most circumstances, an episodic Edge of Tomorrow sequel or reboot sounds like a solid way to revisit the property if Live Die Repeat and Repeat doesn’t come together, but Village Roadshow clearly won’t stand for it based on the strongly-worded lawsuit.