Warner Bros. Reportedly Developing A Sinestro Origins Movie


Despite the rich source material to draw from, Warner Bros. has so far failed to make the most of the Green Lantern Corps on the big screen. 2011’s Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds could have been the start of something big, if only it had been any good. One highlight of the flop, though, was Mark Strong as Sinestro, proving that audiences were hungry to see the iconic villain done justice in a film.

Now, it’s possible that, all these years later, WB has finally cottoned on to this. We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who said Black Adam will be in Shazam! 3 and that a Green Lantern show is coming to HBO Max, both of which were later confirmed – that the studio is considering doing a Sinestro origins movie. We’ve heard that, as you’d expect, it would be a full-on cosmic caper set completely in space. As per his traditional backstory, it would explore how Sinestro was corrupted from a Green Lantern into a Yellow Lantern.

We previously got a flavor of this in the 2011 film, with Sinestro becoming disillusioned with the Corps and shown to don a Yellow Power Ring in the post-credits scene, which teased a – probably much better – sequel that never came to be. There’s clearly a lot of interesting material that could be drawn on, then, to flesh out a solo movie for the antagonist. Especially as DC has just found a mega-hit in a supervillain origins story in the form of Joker. 

Though it’s currently unclear how accurate this is, a recent report from THR has said that director Todd Phillips is planning on making another origins film for a separate DC villain, with some suggesting Sinestro as a possibility. However, we can’t confirm if it’d be the Joker director calling the shots here. As for who could star, well, Luke Evans would probably be a popular choice with fans, seeing as he’s been touted before as a good fit for the character, but again, we can’t offer up any intel on that front, either. All we know is that the project is in early development and is just one of the villain origin story ideas that WB is currently working on.