Warner Bros. Still Developing Suicide Squad Sequel And Deadshot Spinoff


If nothing else, Warner Bros.’ Suicide Squad has proven that in Hollywood, money talks. Despite the film opening to less than stellar reviews (in fact, most of them were quite rough), and disappointing the majority of fans (the Extended Cut didn’t seem to please them, either), the studio still intends to push on with plans to continue the adventures of Task Force X. That’s not too surprising, either, given that the gang’s first outing brought in a cool $745 million at the box office.

First up, we’ll be getting the Harley Quinn spinoff, which we now know will be titled Gotham City Sirens and has David Ayer attached to direct. The Hollywood Reporter broke that bit of news earlier today and in their article, they also mentioned a few other interesting things about the property. Namely, that Warner Bros. has big plans for the Worst Heroes Ever.

Aside from Gotham City Sirens, THR mentions that the studio is still developing a Suicide Squad sequel. No information was given in regards to a release date or who will direct, but it’s still in the works apparently and it seems that we’ll definitely be seeing it some time in the next couple of years. In addition to that, the report also notes that Warner Bros. is working on a Deadshot spinoff. Again, no other details were revealed, but at least we know that the film is in active development.

So, it seems that despite the lukewarm reception that Suicide Squad received upon its arrival this summer, it doesn’t look like the studio has been deterred. And with a $745 million take at the box office, can you really blame them for wanting to press on with the property? Admittedly, it’s really not that terrible of a thing either, as Ayer’s film certainly had some bright spots and a lot of potential. Yes, it was no doubt a middling effort, but with a bit more fine tuning and less meddling in the editing process, the upcoming sequel and spinoffs can easily turn out better.

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