WB Submitting Wonder Woman 1984 For Best Picture, Best Actress And More

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 is about a magic stone that grants any wish you desire. Nothing too outlandish or crazy is beyond its power, and it can do everything from getting you a delicious cup of coffee to turning you into a superpowered Cats extra. But as magical as it is, it might struggle a bit with Warner Bros.’ wishful thinking, as they’ve just submitted this terrible movie for all eligible categories at the 93rd Academy Awards.

These nominations include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Gal Gadot for Best Actress, Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen for Best Supporting Actress, and Chris Pine and Pedro Pascal for Best Supporting Actor. They’re also putting it up for Best Cinematography, Editing, Costume Design and Score.

If Warner Bros. seriously think they have a chance of picking up gold in any of the major categories then someone is slipping hallucinogens into the studio’s water supply. Two of the more bonkers decisions in this list are submitting Wright and Nielsen for awards when they only appear in the opening sequence for a few seconds. But it’s perhaps Gal Gadot as Best Actress that’s the most unlikely, as even those that liked the film admitted the story didn’t play to her strengths and that she was extremely wooden.

Indeed, the pic seems destined to go down in cinema history for its inexplicable production choices, whether it be shoving Steve Trevor’s soul into some random guy’s body, the laughable special effects, a plot conceit that revolves around everyone on Earth deciding to rescind a wish, or the instantly outdated and incredibly dumb Max Lord = Donald Trump message.

I can guarantee that Wonder Woman 1984’s legacy won’t be as an award-winning superhero movie and it’s more likely to be remembered as a huge misstep for Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins. Not to mention it’s made me very nervous about her upcoming Star Wars: Rogue Squadron project.