Watch: A24’s ‘Aftersun’ trailer teases rousing debuts in front of and behind the camera


Much like the industry it helps drive, A24 has had an overwhelmingly exceptional year in 2022, granting us the likes of Everything Everywhere All At Once, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and the first two entries of Ti West’s exciting new horror trilogy in the form of X and Pearl. Time and time again, the studio has shown off its ability to bring the very best out of all rungs of the industry, and it’s more than gotten its dues for it.

But with all the star power flooding their recent hits, one may forget that A24 is just as capable, if not more so, of making smaller names tick in a big way, which seems to be exactly what’s going on with Aftersun, the poignant, triumphant debut from both writer-director Charlotte Wells and lead actress Francesca Corio. Having already made its run at the Cannes Film Festival this year, it’s high time the trailer made its way into the public eye.

Starring Corio alongside Paul Mescal (God’s Creatures), the film follows Sophie (Corio), a young woman who finds herself recalling a vacation she once took with her father (Mescal) to Turkey when she was a small child, and begins to wonder if the memories of her father are lining up with reality. Already sporting universal acclaim from critics, as well as a jury prize from Cannes, Aftersun looks to be ushering in Wells and Corio as up-and-coming giants in the world of cinema.

Aftersun will release to theaters in the United States on Oct. 21.