Watch: Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Reunite For 50 First Dates Parody

Adam Sandler

When it comes to Adam Sandler movies, 50 First Dates is usually fondly remembered by fans. With a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics clearly didn’t take to it, but the pic’s box office haul of nearly $200 million shows that audiences responded fairly well, and all things considered, it’s a perfectly harmless and enjoyable outing from the divisive actor.

For those unfamiliar, 50 First Dates sees Sandler play a man named Henry who’s scared of commitment. That is, until he comes across Drew Barrymore’s Lucy. Thinking he’s finally found the one, he can’t stop himself from falling in love with her. But after discovering that she has short-term memory loss, leading to her forgetting who he is after each date, he finds that it’s going to be a lot harder than he thought to win her over.

Now, over 15 years after the release of the 2004 film, Sandler and Barrymore have gotten together for a fun little parody video, which you can see above. It debuted on The Drew Barrymore Show, where the two actors teamed up virtually to revisit their beloved comedy, and it’s fair to say that fans of the movie will definitely get a kick out of it, as we see both talents reprise their roles.

“You have a thing called amnesia; I am your husband. We have a daughter. She’s about 40 now or something like that,” Sandler says as Henry. “It’s 2020, and we’re also in the middle of a pandemic, which is a terrible thing.”

50 First Dates

As you can see, this video gives the story of 50 First Dates a bit of an update for 2020, with references to Netflix and the Coronavirus featuring. Overall, it’s an entertaining clip and it’s nice to see the two actors together again. Even if it’s just virtually.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing them share the same screen in a film anytime soon, but fans of Adam Sandler can rest easy knowing that he’s got a new movie coming to Netflix next month in the form of Hubie Halloween. And as for his 50 First Dates co-star, The Drew Barrymore Show is currently airing and you can check your local listings for where and when to catch it.