Watch: Adam Sandler Narrates Kevin James’ Hilarious Nature Doc Spoof

Adam Sandler

At any moment in time, you can load up YouTube and find some strange and surprising things to watch, and most of us have at least stumbled upon that side of the internet once or twice. But actor and comedian Kevin James seems to be wanting to bring such awkward hilarity right to you directly in a new video on his YouTube channel, and he’s even managed to get his good friend Adam Sandler to narrate it for him.

The clip is a 5-minute nature documentary that James filmed with the help of the Kinnane Brothers. If it sounds fairly tame so far, rest assured that you’re in for quite a shock to find out that the actor himself plays an endangered bear-like creature called the Silver-Breasted Montle. Actually, to be entirely accurate, he portrays an entire group of the weird creatures in a short look at them foraging, playing and engaging in various types of environmental exploration within the fictional Tenana Forest.

Nature Planet

As James acts out the actions of the species, he does so with complete dedication to the video’s realistic appearance and tone, which makes the entire thing equal parts discomforting and soothing. That odd mixture is made even more confusing when you add in Sandler’s soft-spoken and calm narration that sounds every bit as normal as you’d expect from a BBC documentary.

Make no mistake, though, it’s meant to make you laugh uncomfortably at its complete and utter absurdity, and it’s littered with a handful of moments that are downright ridiculous enough to warrant exactly that. Now that you’ve watched it, though, tell us, what do you think of Kevin James and Adam Sandler‘s outrageous and unconventional team-up video? Leave a comment below and let us know.