Watch: Adam Sandler Drops New Trailer For His Netflix Halloween Movie

hubie Halloween

Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday and Adam Sandler is one of the most popular actors on Netflix, so when you put the two together, a smash hit is pretty much a lock. Indeed, every single Sandler title on the streaming service – be it old or new – inevitably surfaces on the Top 10 most-watched list, and Hubie Halloween likely won’t break that trend.

Arriving later this week, on October 7th, the film does have some worried that the 54 year-old is about make good on his threat to produce the worst movie ever if his acclaimed turn in Uncut Gems was snubbed at the Academy Awards, but you can bet that millions of people will still be flipping it on to see what the comedic actor has churned out for his latest effort.

Indeed, the latest from the Big Daddy star is guaranteed to pull in big numbers for the streaming service and will no doubt be the #1 most-watched flick on there for at least a few days. And now, to hype it up a bit more, Sandler has dropped a new promo for Hubie Halloween on his Twitter account, which you can catch up above.

If you hadn’t already figured it out, this film will mark a big departure from the aforementioned Uncut Gems, with the actor seemingly coasting through it and putting in the minimum amount of work required to pick up his paycheck. And though it’s always nice to see him challenge himself in more dramatic fare, you can’t blame him for continuously reverting to these types of projects.

I mean, Adam Sandler certainly knows his audience and they typically eat this stuff up. And we don’t imagine it’ll be any different when Hubie Halloween arrives in just a few days.