Watch: Adam West’s ‘The Batman’ gets a jaw-dropping trailer


Matt Reeves’ The Batman is about as far away from Adam West’s camp classic iteration of the Caped Crusader as you could possibly expect to find, but the relentless advances in modern day technology have made it possible for the two worlds to collide in stunning fashion.

Shazam! director David F. Sandberg may have used his visual effects background to toy with the concept, but production house Corridor Crew have unleashed a jaw-dropping full-length trailer that substitutes Robert Pattinson for West, ropes in Burt Ward’s Dick Grayson, and swaps out Colin Farrell’s Penguin for the Burgess Meredith vintage.

In short, it’s absolutely incredible to see how seamlessly the team have manage to blend this year’s blockbuster with the beloved 1960s TV show, and you can check out the final product below.

Using a combination of CGI enhancements, deepfake software, and a liberal amount of creativity, it can’t be overstated how strong a job the Corridor Crew have done with the wish-fulfillment trailer. The Batman is as dark as it gets, with West’s series at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, and yet you can barely see the seams between the footage captured half a century apart.

Is it wrong that we want to see the whole three hours of Adam West’s The Batman? Based on the 90 seconds or so available in the footage, there are a lot of fans who’ll be of a similar mindset after witnessing the mashup we never knew we needed, but are supremely glad we got.

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