Watch: First Trailer For Killer Klowns From Outer Space Directors’ Netflix Special

Alien XMas

Whether it’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or The Nightmare Before Christmas, who doesn’t love a bit of stop-motion animation during the holidays? Presumably, most people are fans of the genre and Netflix looks like they might be about to deliver another classic this November in the form of Alien XMasa new special from Killer Klowns from Outer Space directors the Chiodo brothers.

Alien XMas will tell the story of adorable extraterrestrial X, who comes to the North Pole as part of an invasion force intent on swiping the Earth’s gravity. X will find a home with Santa Claus and the elves, though, and so will help defend the planet from the other evil aliens. As you can see from this trailer, the movie looks lovingly made with an old-fashioned spirit to it, but also promises to provide a fun twist on the usual tropes of Christmas films.

Based on a storybook by Stephen and and Edward Chiodo published in 2015 (Charles Chiodo exec produces), Jon Favreau is also on board as an EP as well as being part of the voice cast. Favreau previously worked with the Chiodos on 2003’s Elf, of course, which featured some stop-motion sequences. And seeing as that Will Ferrell vehicle is one of the most iconic holiday flicks of the past two decades, this reunion bodes well for Alien XMas. 

Alien XMas

But before it gets here, Favreau has another family favorite featuring a super cute hero coming to an alternate streaming service. Yes, The Mandalorian kicks off its second season on Disney Plus this Friday, October 30th, so make sure not to miss that if you want to see what happens next to Baby Yoda. Here’s hoping X receives some of the love this year, too, though.  

Alien XMas beams down as an early Christmas gift on November 20th, only on Netflix.