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Watch: All Of The Matrix: Resurrection Clips In 1 Video

A social media user has combined all of the teaser clips from The Matrix: Resurrections into a single video for your perusal.


Fans had been starting to grow impatient with the lack of any news regarding The Matrix: Resurrections, which only recently confirmed an official title. However, that all changed in a major way yesterday, as the marketing campaign exploded into life with a massive drop of clips, images and updates.

Not only was the trailer teaser revealed, confirming that the full-length promo is coming tomorrow, but the first batch of images also hit the internet, while a myriad of brief clips was released, with the movie’s website offering a mind-boggling 180,000 different combinations of footage.

Thankfully, one enterprising social media user has compiled every individual clip together into a single video, allowing fans the chance to analyze and dissect everything frame-by-frame, which you can check out below.

Looking at social media, it would appear the internet has gone mad for The Matrix: Resurrections, and it’s fitting that a sci-fi blockbuster so deeply rooted in technology would have such a large online footprint. The hype train is officially rolling, and it’s only going to continue gathering steam when the trailer finally hits in less than 24 hours.

It looks stunning on a purely visual level, but the same could be said about Reloaded and Revolutions, so let’s cross our fingers and hope that The Matrix: Resurrections is much more of a spiritual successor to the original than the sequels.

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