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Watch: The Matrix: Resurrections Drops First Teaser Trailer And New Photo Of Neo

HBO Max has officially started the countdown to the first trailer for The Matrix: Resurrections, which is coming on Thursday.

Fans have been starting to grow impatient about the lack of any footage from The Matrix: Resurrections, especially when the fourth installment in the sci-fi franchise is coming to theaters and HBO Max right around the same time as Spider-Man: No Way Home, which revealed a trailer weeks ago that managed to rack up almost 350 million views in 24 hours.

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While we can’t expect the return of Keanu Reeves’ Neo to draw in those kinds of figures, anything would be a damn sight better than the big fat zero we’ve gotten so far. However, that’s all set to change this week, with our first look at The Matrix: Resurrections confirmed to be coming this Thursday at 6am PT.

HBO Max’s official Twitter account has also revealed a trailer teaser (above), which is an infuriating marketing tactic, but more than enough to see the hype train pull out of the station. Not only that, but the first image of Neo in all of his kung fu glory has also been revealed, which you can see below.

Hopefully, Thursday brings a full-length trailer and not a one-minute sizzle reel, because there are few things more irritating for fans of a major property than waiting through teasers for trailers, teasers for teasers, teaser trailers and then an actual preview of what’s in store. The Matrix: Resurrections brings the series back to our screens after eighteen years, and let’s hope the promo is enough to win over the doubters still feeling burned by Reloaded and Revolutions.