Watch: First Angry Asian Murder Hornets Trailer Promises Campy Fun

Murder Hornets

As if knowing it existed wasn’t enough, we now have our first look at the absolutely bonkers B-movie, Angry Asian Murder Hornets, in its first trailer that aims to ensure that 2020 couldn’t get any weirder.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets tells the story of a Californian anthropologist who is desperately attempting to find a way to fight back an invasion of mutated, ridiculously massive murder hornets attacking the population. If it sounds completely wacky, that’s because it absolutely is completely wacky. And as you can tell by the trailer, viewers can expect nothing less than the goofiest, most asinine film since Sharknado – which may very well sound like an exceptionally fun time for those with a love of campy, outrageous B-movies.

The film is nothing if not timely, releasing not long after the very real Asian giant hornet was first spotted in Washington, having migrated somehow from its original home of Asia. Better know as the “murder hornet,” Asian giant hornets are a species of very large flying insects native to Asia. Not only can these monstrosities wipe out a beehive at an alarming speed and kill around 5 bees per minute each, but they’re also responsible for over 50 human deaths a year in Japan. Yikes.

Murder Hornets

Asian giant hornets were first spotted in Washington at the tail end of 2019, but they’re now multiplying in the state and expanding their territory, meaning that if the government doesn’t succeed in eradicating all of them, it could have dire consequences for our bee population. And that’s before considering the threat these giant bugs could pose to humans across the US.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets is directed by Dustin Freguson and Erik Anthony Russo and stars Shawn C. Phillips, Jarad Allen, Sheri Davis, and John R. Walker. It’ll be released via SCS Entertainment on June 1st, 2020 exclusively on demand.