Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Try To Stop Tom Holland From Spoiling Avengers: Infinity War


Surely by now, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion which member of the MCU is the least trustworthy with secretive information. I mean, there’s been enough spillage from this one superhero in particular that we recently compiled a list of every big Marvel secret he’s let loose by merely flapping his jaw too much during a press junket, and it sure as hell wasn’t his best interview buddy Benedict Cumberbatch.

Of course, we’re talking about Tom Holland. Honestly, this kid has let more secretive subject matter slip than Julian Assange, and somehow, Marvel has yet to learn their lesson and still allow him to attend interviews. Take last month, for example, when the portrayer of Peter Parker shared a video apologizing to the fandom for not having anything substantial to provide regarding the film colloquially referred to as Spider-Man: Homecoming 2.

Long story short, while brandishing the script for his yet to be named sequel, the British actor had an oopsy-daisy moment and revealed that the twenty-third entry into the MCU would be titled Spider-Man: Far From Home. Granted, this was all just a marketing ploy engineered by head honcho Kevin Feige, but still, that’s how common Holland slip-ups have become. Just frequent enough that Marvel’s now using them as a marketing device. Let that sink in.

Anyways, FilmArtsy has now compiled every bit of footage featuring Benedict Cumberbatch doing his best to prevent Tom Holland from spoiling anything that can even remotely be considered a spoiler apropos of Avengers: Infinity War. In this ten minute video, the Sherlock star can be seen visibly sweating at each and every query directed his co-star’s way and, on more than one occasion – practically, all of them, in fact – the Academy Award nominee does his best to restrain Holland from opening his mouth.

As for your next opportunity to see Tom struggle through an interview and possibly seep some highly secretive information, look forward to the aforementioned Spider-Man: Far From Home. I know, Avengers 4 will be released before the Homecoming sequel, but odds are Feige and co. will be placing Cumberbatch alongside Holland once again in an attempt to avert further damage.

At least for Far From Home, Holland will likely be alone during press events, thereby increasing the chance he blabs. Or, who knows, maybe he’ll have learned to keep his mouth shut by then? Time will tell.