Watch: Breach Trailer Proves That Bruce Willis Still Looks Bored Even In Space


For the third time this year, there’s a new Bruce Willis movie heading straight to VOD, but at least this one promises to offer something a little different to the typical action thriller fare that the 65 year-old can usually be found in. It boasts all the hallmarks of a standard B-level Willis vehicle, though, as Breach features a generic title and what appears to be a wholly unoriginal and formulaic plot.

The action icon heads up the cast as generically named protagonist Clay Young, who’s spurred into action on an interstellar voyage when an evil alien force starts infecting other members of the crew. The concept definitely has potential, but Breach doesn’t look to be focusing much on maximizing it, with the trailer swiftly devolving into the usual running and gunning but with a sci-fi element.

bruce willis breach

Willis looks to be delivering another painfully bored performance, and there’s not a shred of interest or urgency coming from the Die Hard legend in the promo. Scenery chewing duties seem to have fallen to Thomas Jane instead, who can always be relied upon to at least pretend like he’s having fun in these kind of genre efforts, while the supporting cast is filled out by VOD stalwarts like Callan Mulvey, Timothy V. Murphy, Johnny Messner and Rachel Nichols.

Breach arrives on digital next month, and seems to be required viewing for Bruce Willis completionists only. If you’re looking for a sci-fi movie starring a slumming A-lister to whittle away a couple of hours with during a lazy afternoon or late night over the next few weeks, then Nicolas Cage’s Jiu Jitsu appears to be a much safer bet in terms of sheer insanity and entertainment value.