Watch: Nicolas Cage Battles Aliens In Crazy Jiu Jitsu Trailer

Jiu Jitsu

Given the rate at which the prolific actor churns them out, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that there’s a new Nicolas Cage movie heading to VOD in the near future. The vast majority of these flicks are action thrillers that see the Academy Award winner going through the motions in a series of generic and formulaic entries into the genre, but his latest effort Jiu Jitsu looks completely insane in the best kind of way.

The plot will instantly let you know if you’re on board for it, which you definitely should be. The film revolves around an ancient order of martial artists who face off against a race of invading aliens with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance, and Cage plays the wizened mentor figure who gathers a crack team to defeat their extraterrestrial enemies in hand to hand combat.

Jiu Jitsu

As crazy as that sounds, there’s some solid talent attached to the movie, which hails from VOD veteran Dimitri Logothetis, director of Kickboxer sequels Vengeance and Retaliation. As well as Nicolas Cage, Jiu Jitsu also stars Alain Moussi in the lead role, while the always welcome Frank Grillo shows up to lend what will presumably be gruffly charismatic support along with Thai martial arts icon and Monster Hunter‘s Tony Jaa, who should really be a bigger deal in Hollywood by now as anyone who’s seen his earlier work can attest to.

Jiu Jitsu arrives on VOD at the end of next month, on November 20th, and with movie theaters around the world still struggling to drum up business and almost every major release having been pulled from the schedule already, there are few better options out there than watching Nicolas Cage battle aliens in a B-level actioner.