Watch: Steve Rogers Rewrites The Past In Captain America 4 Fan Trailer

Captain America 4

Despite Avengers: Endgame bringing an end to Steve Rogers’ story, as he handed the mantle over to Falcon aka Sam Wilson, Captain America 4 is still a possibility. What it might consist of remains unknown, of course, but things will become a lot more clear when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier airs, as the Disney Plus series will explore the conflict between the two titular characters and the ramifications of Steve’s decision.

So, while it seems all but certain that Captain America 4 will indeed happen, the rest is up for grabs. Now, however, we have a well-made fan trailer from talented YouTuber Billy Crammer that imagines what a possible fourth outing for the titular hero could look like. And it places Rogers front and center as he rewrites the past. Pulling a lot of footage from The First Avenger as well as various other films, it’s an entertaining video that should no doubt whet fans’ appetites for more of Chris Evans’ beloved hero.

Of course, Evans’ return to the MCU hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet, but the actor has been adamant that he’s not ruling it out completely. And you just know Marvel is itching to explore what Steve got up to when he went back in time at the end of Avengers: Endgame. There are a ton of storytelling possibilities that can stem from that part of his arc, after all, and the studio would be foolish not to capitalize on the potential there.

In any case, it’ll surely be a while before we hear about what the future holds for Rogers, given how much else Marvel have on their plate at the moment. But in the meantime, fan trailers like the one above will keep us going and with any luck, the studio will one day deliver a fourth Captain America movie and bring back Chris Evans for one last round of superheroics.