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Watch: Chilling new ‘Halloween Ends’ featurette teases the ‘final reckoning’ between Myers and Strode

The final reckoning is indeed upon us.

As the clock continues to wind down towards the month of October, big-time production houses are rolling out exclusive content that will surely be added to watchlists and help horror fanatics celebrate the upcoming spooky season — which includes a bone-chilling new featurette for David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends.

In the aforementioned clip, which you can check out for yourself above, franchise veteran Jamie Lee Curtis discusses the upcoming concluding chapter, and unapologetically describes notable villain Michael Myers as the embodiment of “pure evil,” which will undoubtedly be showcased in the final brawl between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode.

Throughout the minute-long featurette, Curtis touches on the importance of John Carpenter’s original Halloween back in 1978, which initially kick-started the intense rivalry between the plot’s two main characters. The 63-year-old actress went on to describe how shocked she was at the outpouring of love and support from fans for the franchise, and that the culmination of the story between Myers and Strode is an experience that needs to be had in theaters.

As you would expect, the final chapter in Green’s trilogy will undoubtedly pack an unbelievable amount of punches — including the chance that this will be the last time that Curtis reprises this iconic role. Nevertheless, Michael Myers stans and horror fanatics alike are certainly in for an unfathomable adventure that will surely be talked about for years to come — that is, until the next Halloween movie is announced.

Halloween Ends slices into theaters and on Peacock on Oct. 14.

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