Watch: Chris Hemsworth shares ‘Extraction 2’ BTS video


Production is now underway on the hotly-anticipated sequel to bruising Netflix smash hit Extraction, and the pressure is on for the return of Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake to deliver on expectations the first installment didn’t have to contend with.

Plenty of mid budget actioners arrive on an annual basis, but Sam Hargrave’s feature-length directorial debut became a phenomenon, racking up 99 million views in the first four weeks it was available to become the streaming service’s most-watched original movie ever.

That crown now belongs to Red Notice, and with the opener thriving on hard-hitting set pieces and expertly-choreographed carnage, the creative team have decided to up sticks and move to the exact opposite of climates. As you can see below, the Russo brothers have shared a chilly behind the scenes video featuring the leading man.

It’s exciting to know that cameras are officially rolling on Extraction 2, meaning the next bone-crunching adventure should be with us before the end of next year. The Russos have admitted that an entire cinematic universe is already in the early stages of development, so the pressure is on for the sophomore effort to deliver and continue the nascent franchise’s hot start among critics and subscribers.