Watch: Chris Pratt Fights To Save The Universe In The Tomorrow War Trailer

The Tomorrow War

By any measurable metrics, The Tomorrow War possesses all the tools to be a major box office success. It’s got a proven star and recognizable action hero in the lead thanks to Chris Pratt, who’s no stranger to big budget summer blockbusters after his lead roles in the Jurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, while it also has the sort of high concept that tends to draw in a big audience.

The story sees a group of time travellers arrive from the year 2051 to warn the human race that 30 years into the future, they’re losing a war against a deadly alien species that looks to bring about the end of all life as we know it. Naturally, a group of soldiers and civilians are convinced to join the fight, with Pratt leading a cast that also includes Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons and Betty Gilpin on the futuristic battlefield.

The Tomorrow War marks the live-action directorial debut of The LEGO Batman Movie‘s Chris McKay, but it won’t even be seeing the inside of a theater. Instead, it’s shaping up to be Amazon’s biggest in-house release ever, after the streaming service parted with a cool $125 million to secure the distribution rights when Paramount opted to sell it off, which was at least lower than the $200 million that had originally been mooted.

Having shelled out top dollar for the likes of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Coming 2 America and Without Remorse, Amazon are keen to get into the blockbuster business, and judging by this trailer, The Tomorrow War looks like one hell of a way to keep doing it. The premise and visuals promise something equal parts unique and exciting, and we’ll be due at least another promo or two before it hits the platform on July 2nd.