Watch: Justice League Snyder Cut Clip Reveals Black Suit Superman

Black Suit Superman

A new clip from Zack Snyder’s Justice League has just been released and you can check it out in the tweet down below.

Without a doubt, the Snyder Cut of Warner Bros.’ 2017 box office bomb is my most-anticipated upcoming superhero movie. It’s a weird feeling to be really looking forward to an alternate version of a film I hated, but I’m very curious to see whether Snyder can achieve the impossible and wrangle the existing footage into something special.

After such a heartfelt and committed campaign to make the Snyder Cut happen, fans are now eager to get a taste of what’s coming down the pipeline. As such, it seems that we’re going to be treated to some new clips giving us an idea of the changes in store for us. Already, we’ve seen a hint of what Darkseid is going to look like and now, we have another new clip that dropped at Justice Con today which shows us Superman in his black suit.

For those not in the know, Justice Con is a virtual event taking place this weekend featuring several of the movie’s stars and crew members. Highlights are panels with Ray Porter (who’s voicing Darkseid), Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Snyder himself. There are also interesting panels on the technical aspects of finishing the cut, a Q&A with those who spearheaded the campaign and a discussion of how Snyder’s work promotes diversity in blockbuster cinema. Things will cap off with a live stream of Watchmen on Sunday evening.

But for now, this short, but extremely tantalizing clip from Zack Snyder’s Justice League should be more than enough to get folks excited. Sure, there may still be more to come, but even if this is the only footage we see from the event, it’ll no doubt send the fanbase into overdrive and convince folks that the long, tireless, and dedicated campaign to get the film released will have been worth it in the end.