Watch: New Godzilla Vs. Kong Clip Is X-Men Meets The Truman Show

Godzilla Vs. Kong

We’re just a couple of weeks away from Godzilla vs. Kong stomping into theaters and onto HBO Max, but plot specifics for the next chapter in the MonsterVerse are still being kept under wraps. Obviously, the storytelling machinations and character development are hardly the most important aspects of a mega budget blockbuster that’s been entirely marketed on the strength of watching two cinematic icons kick the ever-loving sh*t out of each other, but a new clip has offered up a curious twist in the tale nonetheless.

Describing Godzilla vs. Kong as having a scene that occupies the middle ground somewhere between X-Men and The Truman Show is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows, but that’s certainly what it looks like. The footage shows Kong chilling out on Skull Island, before the giant ape decides to fashion himself a spear and launch it towards the heavens.

However, his weapon shatters the facade of his surroundings, revealing him to be trapped in a huge digitally created environment that’s awfully similar to the Danger Room where Charles Xavier sends his students to hone their mutant abilities, while there are some human characters watching Kong’s every move with great interest, akin to Ed Harris’ Christof and his team keeping an eye on Jim Carrey’s Truman Burbank.

It’s definitely a clip that presents a lot more questions than answers, but presumably after seeing through such blatant human trickery, Kong will escape and head out on his own terms. It’s an interesting twist to explain how Monarch have managed to keep the ruler of Skull Island so docile and agreeable, but based on everything we’ve seen from Godzilla vs. Kong so far, he won’t be kept under lock and key for too long.