Watch: Darkseid Unleashes His Omega Beams In Justice League TV Spot

Justice League

One of the big plusses of Zack Snyder’s Justice League for DC fans is that Darkseid will have a key presence in the director’s cut. While he didn’t even show up for a cameo in the theatrical version, the Ruler of Apokolips will feature this time around, though Steppenwolf will continue to serve as the main antagonist. But at least we know that Darkseid will get in on the action to some extent, thanks to this awesome TV spot for the movie which unveils the villain’s famed comic book power.

In the latest JL promo, viewable in the player above, we get a few precious seconds of new Darkseid footage. First of all, at the 0:17 mark, Diana tells Bruce that the darkness that’s coming is already here. She’s right, too, as we see the cosmic tyrant – played by Ray Porter – materialize in front of his bowing general. In the next clip, Darkseid is shown unleashing his zig-zagging Omega Beams. Finally, a young Uxas is revealed on the battlefield in a flashback to the ancient war between Earth and Apokolips.

We’re not entirely sure how much screen time he’ll have in the Snyder Cut, but Darkseid’s presence will be felt throughout the whole thing. Not only is he the one behind Steppenwolf’s invasion, but he’s also responsible for the dystopian Knightmare timeline, as established in Batman v Superman, that this film will revisit. Snyder’s full masterplan for Darkseid’s decimation of the League would’ve unfolded across the two intended sequels, but Warner Bros. has so far remained quiet on if they plan to produce a follow-up.

There’s not long to wait now until we get to see the entire four-hour epic, after years of fans campaigning for the filmmaker’s original vision to be shared. Alongside Darkseid, also watch out for black-suited Superman, Jared Leto’s Joker and the introduction of Martian Manhunter when Zack Snyder’s Justice League hits HBO Max on Thursday, March 18th.