How To Watch Dave Franco’s New Horror Movie The Rental Online

The Rental

Dave Franco’s directorial debut, horror/thriller The Rentalis now available to watch online as you can buy or, ironically, rent it from various platforms. It’s also showing in select drive-in theaters, but if you prefer to stay digital, here’s everything you need to know.

As written by Franco and Joe Swanberg, The Rental stars Franco’s real-life wife Alison Brie and Dan Stevens (Eurovision), as well as Sheila Vand and Jeremy Allen White, as two couples who stay at an Airbnb vacation home in a remote location, only for things to turn sinister. At a time when we’re being discouraged from taking unnecessary trips, The Rental will probably do the job of convincing you to stay home this summer.

You can rent or buy the movie from whatever platform you prefer to get your films from, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime or Vudu. If you wish to rent it, you’ll have 48 hours to finish watching once you hit play. Of course, if you buy it instead, you can watch it as many times as you like. The Rental was made available today, Friday, July 24th, across all these sites and others.

The Rental

It’s not available for streaming, though, so you’ll have to pay for the privilege of watching it. Prices vary, but it’s generally not too steep. You can rent The Rental from Amazon, for example, for just $6.99. Reviews have been somewhat mixed, but it’s definitely being talked about as an ambitious first filmmaking project for Franco with great performances.

Franco and Brie – who the former believes is the greatest actress on the planet, though he may be biased – have already got their next movie lined up, too. The pair have written a romcom inspired by When Harry Met Sally for them both to star in, which kind of puts the rest of our efforts to be productive during quarantine to shame.

Tell us, though, do you plan on checking out The Rental? If so, let us know down below.

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