Dave Franco Thinks Alison Brie’s The Greatest Actress On The Planet

Alison Brie Dave Franco

We live in a time when there are so many people in show business that it’s hard to remember everyone’s name and the movies, shows, or music they’ve made. In film and television there are some truly incredible actors who have changed the landscape altogether and blurred that line between fiction and reality in ways some people could simply never match. But according to one actor and director, he believes he’s met the best actress of all time – his wife, the very talented Alison Brie.

Brie is best known for her work in the ensemble comedy show Community and Netflix’s female wrestling series Glow. In recent years, she’s also appeared in plenty of comedic films as well, such as The Little Hours, Get Hard and The Disaster Artist, among others. She’s been branching out and proving her talents in dramatic roles like this year’s enigmatic Horse Girl, too, and now she’s appearing in her loving husband Dave Franco’s directoral debut, The Rental.

Alison Brie Dave Franco

On June 18th at the Vineland drive-in, Franco presented the upcoming thriller before expressing his feelings about the actors and their performances. In particular, he had quite a lot to say about the love of his life, though he’s not above admitting that he might be a little biased.

Speaking after the showing, he said:

“I’ve obviously always known that Alison is a great actor, but when I was behind the camera and I was able to just kind of contently watch her for five weeks, I realized she might be the greatest actress on the planet… I have a little bit of a bias, but I can’t imagine doing this without Alison.”

The Rental tells the story of two couples who rent an Airbnb vacation home and are faced with the realization that the owner may be spying on them with various cameras. It certainly sounds creepy, and it rocks a pretty stellar cast that includes Dan Stevens, Jeremy Allen White, Toby Huss, Sheila Vand and, of course, Alison Brie. Look for it to release on July 24th from IFC Films.