Watch Deadpool 2 Get Roasted By CinemaSins


With $734 million and scores of positive reviews to its name, Deadpool 2 was, without question, a runaway success for both 20th Century Fox and David Leitch. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it was the perfect sequel, if such a thing even exists.

The decision to bump off (read: fridging) Vanessa, for instance, proved incredibly divisive among moviegoers, as there are those who believe Morena Baccarin’s character was reduced to one-dimensional motivator for Wade Wilson, and nothing more.

Indeed, there’s certainly a case to be made against Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s script, which was written alongside Wade Wilson himself, Ryan Reynolds, soon after the original Deadpool movie launched the Merc With a Mouth into the stratosphere in terms of hype and popularity.

And it’s this criticism that’s dragged back into the limelight during CinemaSins’ latest video, one which claims to identify everything wrong with Deadpool 2.

Pretty cool, no? Granted, Deadpool 2 is nothing if not meta, so it’s worth keeping that in mind as you watch CinemaSins’ latest production. What’s more, while the YouTube channel itself is incredibly popular, some, like Jordan Vogt-Roberts, believe it’s guilty of extreme nitpicking and isn’t very beneficial to film criticism, as a whole.

Then again, the folks behind CinemaSins previously released a video entitled “Everything Wrong With CinemaSins,” so perhaps it’s best to treat this as nothing more than film satire, even if it’s not quite up to the same standard as the “Honest Trailers” and “How It Should Have Ended” video series.

Deadpool 2, meanwhile, is currently available on all the usual platforms and will release a family-friendly PG-13 cut in time for the Christmas holidays. Now there’s a sentence you don’t read every day…

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