Watch: ‘Death on the Nile’ trailer isn’t even trying to hide Armie Hammer


You may have completely forgotten that Death on the Nile was even a thing that existed, never mind the $90 million sequel to a box office smash hit that’s assembled yet another star-studded cast.

After Murder on the Orient Express earned $352 million at the box office back in 2017, director and star Kenneth Branagh set plans in motion for an entire Agatha Christie franchise. The second installment gathered a raft of A-listers and fast-rising talents, wrapped production in December 2019… and then got put on the shelf.

Having originally been dated for release towards the end of last year, Death on the Nile hit another significant roadblock when the series of allegations against sizeable supporting player Armie Hammer effectively saw his mainstream career go up in smoke.

20th Century Studios owners Disney reportedly decided against removing him from the film or pulling a Kevin Spacey on All the Money in the World by reshooting his scenes with another actor, so he’s all over the latest trailer, one that confirms a February 11, 2022 debut.

Granted, the esteemed likes of Branagh, Gal Gadot, Annette Bening, Russell Brand, Dawn French, Rose Leslie and Sex Education‘s Emma Mackey are also there, but you can bet the internet will be ready to sh*t all over Death on the Nile due to the involvement of Armie Hammer and Letitia Wright.