Death On The Nile Reportedly Won’t Be Reshot Over Armie Hammer Scandal

Armie Hammer

Some movies just can’t catch a break. Death on the Nile has had its release date pushed back a total of six times over the past couple of years, with the 20th Century Studios production recently being delayed once again. It’s now due out on February 11th, 2022 and it’s thought that this latest schedule change is to allow Disney more time to figure out how best to tackle the issue of releasing an Armie Hammer movie when the actor in question is currently under investigation over rape allegations.

Having said that, it’s looking like the studio won’t go ahead and reshoot the film and replace Hammer with another star – similar to how Kevin Spacey was removed from All the Money in the World after his own downfall. Variety has shared a report on the sticky situation, with their insider source noting that Hammer’s part in the murder mystery is “significant to the point of being the male lead.” This would mean that reshoots “could cost tens of millions,” not to mention that they “would be nearly impossible to pull off given the packed schedules of the ensemble.”

Armie Hammer

Kenneth Branagh reprises his role as Hercule Poirot from 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, with the cast also including Gal Gadot, Rose Leslie and Letitia Wright. You might think the film is at risk of just being permanently canned, then, but Variety writes that a “rival studio executive” tells them that Disney would be best served by “not scrapping it because of one individual.”

Armie Hammer has denied any and all allegations against him, but he has dropped out of several major projects and has also been let go by his agent and publicist. The LAPD is in the midst of investigating the serious accusations levelled against him by a previous partner and other women have also come forward with their own troubling allegations. The Call Me By Your Name sequel will potentially recast his role, but expect his presence in Death on the Nile to be retained.