Armie Hammer Dropped By Agency And Publicist Amidst Cannibalism Scandal

Armie Hammer

The past few weeks have not been good to Armie Hammer. Last month, the Call Me By Your Name actor became embroiled in a social media scandal following screenshots circulating of alleged conversations between Hammer and his fans in which he appeared to admit to being a cannibal. While it’s unlikely that the star is a real-life Hannibal Lecter, this incident still caused multiple women from Hammer’s past to speak up about unpleasant experiences they had while dating him.

As a result, the actor has gone from being a popular and prolific talent to being blacklisted. In the wake of these allegations, The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed that Hammer’s been dropped by WME, the major talent agency that previously represented him. What’s more, THR confirms that sources have told them that Hammer’s personal publicist has also parted ways with the star.

This follows on from Armie walking away from two major upcoming projects – romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, in which he was due to feature opposite Jennifer Lopez, and The Offer, a Paramount Plus series about the making of The Godfather. When initially reported, it was said Hammer decided to exit these productions in order to focus on his family during this difficult time. Subsequent intel, however, has revealed that he was really given the boot in both instances.

The actor, for his part, has called the cannibal allegations “bullsh*t” and has refuted any claims that the salacious sex acts discussed by his exes were anything but “completely consensual.” Nonetheless, with former partners accusing him of emotional abuse, manipulation and coercion, in this post-#MeToo era, it looks like Hammer’s career might not be able to withstand the bad press, even if no legal action has been taken against him at this time.

Armie Hammer has still got multiple movies coming out over the next year or so that were completed prior to the scandal erupting, including Gary Oldman thriller Crisis and Agatha Christie murder mystery Death on the Nile. But after that, it’s unclear when, or even if, he’ll get another Hollywood project again.