Armie Hammer Was Reportedly Asked To Leave His Recent Projects

Armie Hammer

One of the biggest changes regarding any sort of rumor and speculation in the social media age is that online society has now pivoted towards the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ model. Whenever criticism or backlash is aimed at a public figure for any reason, the hypothetical negatives will always be accentuated, regardless of whether there’s any concrete evidence to back them up, as Chris Pratt has been discovering on numerous occasions lately.

Armie Hammer is clearly into some very dark and weird stuff in his personal life, but so far, there’s no actual proof to support the bizarre tales that the actor has a lust for human flesh. Several of his former partners have since come forward with various claims and accusations, but as of yet, the 34 year-old isn’t being subjected to any legal action, nor is he under investigation by any notable authorities.

Numerous other leaks have painted Hammer as a very irresponsible individual to put it lightly, but the fact that his representatives are having to come out and publicly deny that he eats people is certainly a new one, even for Hollywood. However, The Social Network star has still had to drop out of two recent projects in quick succession since the story first broke, with one insider claiming that he was asked to leave both of them.

According to the source in question, action comedy Shotgun Wedding and Paramount Plus drama The Offer requested that Armie Hammer drop out in order to avoid drawing any sort of negative publicity. While these reports can’t be confirmed just yet, it’s certainly starting to look like the industry could be preparing to wash their hands of him entirely, depending on how things play out over the coming months.